Time anything.
Or everything.

Timeglass has all the tools you
need to time your workouts,
cooking, and daily routines.

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Multiple timers.
Side by side.

Create reusable timers and
run them side by side.

Want to time a tea brew while
timing a roast in the oven?
Timeglass has you covered.

Multiple steps.
Flexible timers.

Timers can have multiple
steps, where each step
has its own duration.

This is great for workout
routines or the kitchen.

Feature comparison

Compare the timer and stopwatch features in
Timeglass and the iPhone's Clock app.

Clock AppTimeglass
Basic timer
Basic stopwatch
High quality alert tones
Multiple timers
Multiple stopwatches
Named timers
Run multiple timers & stopwatches side by side
Reusable timers
Multi-step timers
Spoken timers
Choose timer length in seconds, not just minutes
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